All Monks
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


  • Test of Strength (ToS) Monks positions their fists together at chest level
  • Blessing Monks either have
    • Stacked legs with hands on their knees or
    • Cross their feet with high knees forming a Y shape (High Cross Y) and hands are Relaxed on their knees.
  • Mid Cross Monks with Legs Crossed with knees at a Middle Height always have one Hand at their chest and one at their Knee
  • Blanced Monks Balanced on one foot always have their fingers together
  • On Knees Monks On Knees are always praying
  • Knees Up Monks with Knees Up and uncrossed are always thinking or reflecting
  • Knee Cross Monks with Knees Cross always are Floating 2 Rings
  • Feet Together Monks with Feet together and uncrossed always have their hands clasped near their forehead
  • Ankle Cross Monks with Ankles crossed always are Floating 1 Ring
  • L, Slant left Monks with Slanted L shaped legs are always playing with 3 Rings diagonally / slanted
  • None The King is also present. He was extracted with the Monks and got kept. :D