Load video (online or local)
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Create multiple notes from times

MetaData (local files)
  • This allows the annotation of online or local videos. Online videos may be either on youtube or twitch.
  • Basic Usage
    • In the Load Video (online or local) place the Video ID (youtube or twitch) and click on the Youtube Load or Twitch Load to load the video. The video should appear in the space above the timing buttons.
    • Play the video, use the arrow keys, or the buttons below to find a time in the video you would like to mark, tag, or annotate. Best to have the video paused to create a note.
    • There are a series of buttons allowing movement forward and backwards within the video by 5 seconds, 1 second, 5 frames (5/30th of a second) and 1 frame (1/30th of a second). These buttons assumes 30 frames per second (fps)
    • Write your annotation in the Note ... box
    • Press the Note button to add a note
  • Notes Buttons
    • Clicking directly on an existing note allows editing.
    • Notes can be deleted by clicking the [x]
    • Notes and the video meta data are automatically saved with the browsers localStorage. If you leave and come back, the notes will be preserved along with the online video. Local videos will need to be loaded again.
    • The Sort button will sort notes by time, changing between ascending and descending.
    • The Download button will save a copy of the notes to your computer with the filename VideoID_notes.json
    • The Clear button will clear all notes
    • If you have an existing downloaded file, you can drag and drop it onto the drop data here area.
  • Times and Meta data
    • You can seek to a specific time with the Go to Time button in the Timings section, Known formats include 5025.67, 1:23:45.67 or 1h23m45s
    • If you have multiple raw times you would like to make into notes, use the Load Raw times box, each time must be input on its own line and formats are the same as above
    • If you have a local video and want to add Author, Video ID and Title, this can be done on in those specific input boxes. Youtube videos will automatically fill in these details, twitch videos will not as it requires a access key for the meta
    • Raw json data is available in the bottom right corner of the page and is an exact copy of what is available from the Download button
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